Super Six Best Text Logo Designs in the World of Brand Marks

Successful brands always strive to make their brand marks distinct and memorable. If their business marks are recognized and remembered by the customers then the company will be too.
Below mentioned are some of the best trademark designs that have been a major contributing factor for the company’s success.
1. Disney:
This is one of the best text logos ever as it distinct, unique and perfectly represents its business nature. As a company that strives for imagination and innovation, their emblem is a perfect depiction of the same. The straight but scripted fonts are easy to understand yet unique and curvy enough to be imaginative.
2. IBM:
Very few companies can create a mirror image of their trade nature but IBM has done that quite successfully. Their trademark consists of eight blue and white horizontal stripes which represent equality in service. The blue color also represents trust and dependability. The horizontal lines combined with straight fonts also give a high tech look to the symbol.
3. Johnson & Johnson:
Their fonts may be scripted but because they are straight they are easily readable. The combination of black and white colors is also sophisticated and timeless which makes this simple walking dead road to survival hack tool online text emblem one of the best in the industry.
4. MTV:
For a music channel, it is important to be appealing to the youth yet be compact enough to fit one edge of the TV screen. The MTV fulfills this criterion. Even though it is a simple text mark, the placement of the letters is appealing and distinct. The thick M letter combined with the crooked TV gives a youthful yet professional edge to the emblem which has been a major contributor supercell clash of clans hack to its success.
5. Ford:
It is only through the simplicity of the design that it is gained attention. This famous car company’s emblem consists of the company name in scripted fonts in a silver white color with the background in a shaded blue colors. The entire symbol is love this website surrounded with a silver colored oval border. The blue and silver colors add an air of sophistication to the design while the script fonts add a traditional look.
6. Kellogg’s:
The red color of the monogram is eye catching and energetic which is perfect to represent a product related to food. The script fonts used here are placed at an alignment to give a playful aura to the emblem. The use of minimal colors makes it uncomplicated and memorable which is what makes this symbol one of the best text logo designs ever.
In conclusion, for a good logo design it is important to make sure that it reflects the true essence of your business along with being distinct and memorable. This is what makes a trademark successful.